Johanna Kintner

* 1986 in Weingarten, GER
lives in Leipzig

For her piece “Sinij” (2014) Johanna Kintner crumpled countless meters of aluminum foil and subsequently compressed the resulting volumes to create a plane once again. She then scanned the surface with a hand scanner and compiled an image from the data collected that is presented slightly elevated on the floor of the exhibition space as a sculpture.

The image of the scanned surface recalls both aerial photos of a snowy mountain landscape and micro-images of a tissue to be researched.

For the viewer however, the size of the sculpture makes it almost impossible to get an overview of the image. In this way Kintner transfers the interplay between surface and volume, image and sculpture from theproduction process to the presentation of the piece. The observer probably wishes he could lift up the floor sculpture and position it vertically, in order to perceive the sculpture as an image. The work canbe understood as an investigation of geometrical planes and the construction of spaces, spaces that become landscapes with the aid of minimalistic formal language.

Both the scanning technique and integration of the floor plane are recurring
elements in the artist’s work. “Tiger in a room” (2014), “Sunlit Garden” (2013) and “Gegend” (2012) are all installations that create a specific space, which observers are invited to enter formally rather than narratively.

Frankfurter Kunstverein

o. T., 2015
Scan, 250 417 cm
and photo: Johanna Kintner