Jonathan Penca (* 1988 in Augsburg, GER) /
Charlotte Simon (* 1986 in Mainz, GER) /
Zink Tonsur (* 1980 in Frankfurt am Main, GER)
in Frankfurt

The extraterrestrial super-organism called Kristallo, a utopian sphere created in 2012 by the artist collective of Jonathan Penca, Charlotte Simon and Zink Tonsur, has a firm place in an age when ideas of how we should live are constantly changing. Genderless entities lead an esoteric existence in this sphere.

The performance Kristallo – “Warum es ein Außen braucht” (Why we need an outside, 2014) is a continuation of its story. It tells the tale of a reality in the dancing cosmos, emphasizing the importance of discovery and experience off-world. Here it becomes necessary to send astronauts into outer space on a mission to collecting information and experiences and feeding them into the collective network. This ensures the continued existence of Kristallo. The three spatially separated actors communicate purely by means of electronically generated sounds, musical instruments and sung texts. Their relationship with one another and with the astronauts living “outside” is symbiotic. The monochrome pastel colored costumes stand for Kristallo’s homogeneity, while the restrained colors of costumes and installations with their organic and crystalline stage elements permit a projection of any story, making Kristallo appear not to have a history, to be omnipresent. Under the symbol of the crystal, the artist trio dispels the distinction of reality and illusion. Their existence merges with ours, yet Kristallo is declared the only harmonious reality.

Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbanden

kristallo. forschen und fliessen, 2013
Installation and performance
photo: Franziska von Stenglin